How to (Ab)use Policy at Amherst College: The No Contact Order

At Amherst College, there are many tools at your disposal to ensure the next four years are as “pain-free” and “safe” as possible. Although any Amherst student should have come here to learn about diverse ideas and from people with different ideas and experiences from yourself, sometimes you may find yourself tired of confronting new ideas in the classroom, and want to relax outside of the classroom, free from other kinds of thought. Here are some tools that can help you avoid difficult conversations, “deal” with people you just don’t like, or even exact revenge on someone just for being smarter/sexier/nicer than you.

No-Contact Order

There first and least complex tool at your disposal is the No-Contact Order or “NCO.” At Amherst College, there are no requirements for taking out a bilateral NCO against another student. There is no burden of proof, or even an any sort of allegation required. All you need is the desire to prevent someone from being in your presence, from communicating with you, or being allowed in your dormitory. Because these NCOs are bilateral, this also means that you will be precluded from entering the other party’s dormitory too. NCOs may also be amended for additional stipulations. For example, one may make an area of Valentine Dining Hall off-limits to the other party, or the mailroom off-limits on Tuesdays between 10:00 and 11:00 AM. The NCO can be a great way to get a creeper to leave you alone, cut people out of your life, or even just to avoid a difficult conversation.

For more information, please contact Associate Dean of Students, Dean Gendron, Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards,


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